Sunday, May 02, 2010

Young Dead Whale's Stomach Contained Plastic Tampon Applicators

We must stop flushing trash down the toilet!!

Plastic applicators which are referred to as floatables are not easily removed at waste water treatment plants. They along with condoms and other items are pumped with the effluent into our waterways. Marine animals such as the whale shown in this story covered by KTVU in Richmond, CA, cannot tell the difference between trash and their natural prey, and so they swallow anything that resembles in color or shape what they normally eat. When ingested, this non- organic debris may stay in their digestive tract, causing blockages, damage to organs, or a false sense of fullness that leads to malnutrition.

So you see, these items don’t just disappear with the whoosh of a toilet handle. Dispose of EVERYTHING but human waste and toilet paper in the trash not down the toilet!!

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