Sunday, April 18, 2010

We need to advocate for change!

I work in a large public building. The cleaning people leave brown bags for used feminine products in our restroom for days, and longer. I made a small tear on a bag and it has been there for over a month. Now, after reading about how REALLY unsanitary the bags are I regret touching it at all, even tho I thought it was a new one. I have placed notes to these people about replacing the bags and how it is considered hazardous waste. They do not listen. How do I make them understand??

Here are some ideas:

1. Find out who owns or manages the building (Is this a large facility?) and contact them directly with your concern.
2. Find out if the janitorial staff are independent or employed by a larger contract cleaning company. Contact a supervisor or someone with authority to express your concern.
3. Those who do the work directly at a facility are more than likely just following a set of procedures so I am not surprised that they are not responding to your notes.
4. Take a photograph with a cell phone to use as proof.
5. It sounds to me like the janitors are reaching into the receptacles with their hands and removing the discarded items. This is against OSHA expectations that the receptacles be lined to protect the cleaning staff from coming in direct contact with soiled items. The liner bags should be removed (with the content) every time something is disposed of.
6. Give me more info and without using your name I'll make some calls!!!
7. Please provide your name and address and I'll send you some sample packs of SCENSIBLES! Tossing them directly into the restroom trash can to avoid touching the stall receptacle.

Good Luck and thanks again for writing!

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