Friday, January 15, 2010

How to use a tampon does not include proper instruction to throw it in the trash!

Just came across this info on Tampax website "How to use a tampon" No wonder young ladies are flushing tampons down the toilet to dispose of them. Though the company may not have specifically stated " To get rid of a tampon flush it down the toilet" by not saying ANYTHING it sure does imply that this practice is okay. Shame on them!

Applicator Disposal: Tampax Pearl Plastic and Compak Pearl
Do not flush the plastic applicator or wrapper. After you have inserted the tampon, you can place the used applicator back into the wrapper and dispose into a trash can.

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Tampon insertion said...

Every thing has its advantages and disadvantages. Tampons are very comfortable than pads and it offers more freedom. But one has to be cautious for tampons, if one forget to remove it on time, then it may lead to bad smell, bacteria forms, thus leading to infections. It may also cause TSS disease. One can use tampon but has should be alert. If anytime tampon is not getting removed or facing some problems, one immediately go to gynaecologist.