Sunday, January 03, 2010

#1 building maintenance problem

What's the #1 building maintenance problem? THE RESTROOM!! Whether it is the restroom in a retail store, restaurant, office building, airport or any other facility; the restroom generates more complaints than any other area. With a society sensitive to germs and harmful viruses, the mere appearance and smell of a restroom influences the perception of a facility's healthiness. Dirty restrooms create a negative impression on customers, visitors and employees, and it can cost a business dearly.

(The above statements are from Kaivac Cleaning Systems)

With the beginning of the new year, I promise to continue my efforts in 2010 to get people talking about the disposal of feminine care products in women’s restrooms!! Though it is a problem no one really wants to talk about, we have made significant progress with facility managers, housekeeping staff, building owners, janitorial supply distributors, manufacturers, plumbing contractors and women across the USA who are becoming aware of the problem and taking action. Simple changes with the SCENSIBLES System will benefit the health of building inhabitants, improve the appearance in the restroom and protect our water environment!

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