Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pad Party a huge success!

My dining room is bursting with 2201 tampons, 2225 sanitary pads and 1550 panty liners! Today-2 weeks since the event- more feminine care products were donated! Over 200 packages of feminine care products were collected at the first-ever It’s A Pad Party at Shear Ego Salon and Spa in Pittsford on May 15th. Next week I'll be dropping off the donated items at local non-profit organizations for distribution to teens and women in need. About 100 women attended the event, where admission was a donation of a feminine care product. The guests were pampered with mini-manicures and hand and chair massages while enjoying refreshments. “Most women take their monthly trip down the feminine care aisle for themselves and their daughters for granted, but when a family is struggling to pay the grocery bills, basic personal care items not covered by Food Stamps can be the most expensive. I am thrilled with the turnout at Pad Party which I hope will be duplicated in communities across the US,” Germanow said in a press release. “Many school and community groups are reluctant to collect these much-needed ‘unmentionable’ products,” said Cindy Harper, executive director of Cameron Community Ministries, in a press release. “We are grateful that Pad Party will help replenish our supply of sanitary products.” Cameron Community Ministries is one of five different organizations that will benefit from the event. The others are Mission Share, LASS (Ladies Attaining Self Sufficiency), Sisters Together Achieving Results, and The Center for Youth. I hope more woman business owners and charitable organizations will contact me about organizing a Pad Party in their community!

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