Thursday, March 29, 2012

WEGMANS customers reach out to us about SCENSIBLES!

Thank you to these WEGMANS shoppers who have sent us emails about finding SCENSIBLES in the store's female restrooms! WEGMANS is not only one of the top grocery stores in the country but they do the RIGHT thing by providing a hygienic disposal system for fem care products for customers and employees! Plus Scensibles are available for consumer purchase in the feminine hygiene aisle.

While visiting Rochester (my old home town) for Thanksgiving, I used the Ladies Room at Wegmans and bless you- discovered Scensibles! Western MA

I've used these in Wegmans and think they are great! Baileys Crossroads VA

I saw and used this bag at a Wegman's store. Brilliant. Virginia Beach, VA

I initially saw these at Wegmans restroom-how nice! There are five females in our home and when I found this product I was thrilled! Middletown, NY

We recently discovered your product and were able to purchase the bags locally at our Wegmans East Syracuse, NY

I heard about your product at Wegmans grocer in the ladies room Lexington Park, MD
I saw Scensibles in a Wegman's restroom and think they are a great idea Lexington Park, MD

I have used these from the rest rooms at Wegmans and LOVE the concept Williamsville, NY

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