Thursday, September 22, 2011

My German Shepard just ate a used tampon

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My German Shepard just ate a used tampon, I am about 95% sure of this. I came home to find the bathroom trash all over the living room. Everything that was in the trash was there (plastic applicator for tampon, shredded toliet paper) except for the tampon itself. He seems fine and the vet is closed. Should I take him in the morning or is this an emergency that cannot wait, or does he not need to go at all and just be watched?

This is a fairly common object for dogs to swallow and most vets will have dealt with it a few times. My experience with larger dogs such as German shepherds is that they will usually get away with it and the tampon just pass straight through their intestinal tract. It helps that such objects are biodegradable.

MY ANSWER: Dispose of your tampons in a SCENSIBLES BAG!! The dog will never sniff out a tampon again in the trash.

But why do dogs eat tampons in the first place? Here's a good reply.
Before dogs were domesticated they hunted and killed their food in the wild. They haven't completely gotten rid of all their instinct from the wild. Your tampons have blood on them. Your dog probably thinks they are a food source.
Dogs are carnavors, they will eat almost anything that smells of blood.

Other comments:

Because they are dogs and you aren't disposing of them in such a way that the dogs can't get to them.

A dog could easily choke on a menstrual pad or a tampon. Try wrapping your used items up tightly in toilet paper, place them in a sealed bag of some sort to keep the dog from smelling them, and take the bag out to trash can as soon as you can.

My Great Dane was sitting in the middle of the living room. I could tell something was in his mouth. I went over and looked he had a string hanging out of his mouth. I pulled it and ..... You guessed it. Its totally normal part of living with pets.

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