Monday, November 29, 2010

Plumbing problems and feminine care products

Submitted by a former Frat brother....

When I was in college in the late 1980s, I lived in a fraternity house that had previously been a 2 or 3 bedroom family home probably built in the 1940s. I was the
sweetheart of a sorority and one Friday evening sponsored a party for
them at the house complete with a keg of beer. My fraternity brothers
razzed me about being their sweetheart, but they tolerated it and were
cool about the party.

They were less tolerant a few days later. Thats when the bathtub in
the ground floor bathroom filled with raw sewage and the toilet
started to overflow with it as well. Our pledged tried to unclog it
with plungers, but that just forced the sewage out of the pipes and it
began leaking into the basement (where a bedroom was located). We
finally called the plumber and he uncovered the problem: A mass of
tampons and sanitary napkins had been flushed down the toilet at the
party and had clogged where the pipe met the city sewer system at the
street (about 75 feet from the house). For two days the sewage backed
up and fermented until it pushed back into the house.

It was the last party I ever hosted at the house.

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