Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A great definition of PUBERTY

Age of Maturity
Written by Na'Keya Thomas Executive Director of Amodestri Girls Club, Rochester, NY
An organization charged with improving the health and well-being of young girls, ages 5-13.

" A lot of responsibility comes with being a female. Puberty just happens to be something that cannot be avoided. You will experience growth; you will become taller and begin to gain weight. You will experience the development of different body parts. Hair begins to grow around the pubic area, under arms and legs. You may notice your face seems oiler and pimples may appear. During all these changes, your monthly friend may come into your life, better known as your period. You may also notice a different body odor which is common. Be sure to have a good habit of cleaning your face and body daily and wearing deodorant. Remember this is all a part of growing up. Don't forget to ask your parents questions!"

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