Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Let's talk

ALL NEW....I set this blog up several years ago and got so busy growing the business that I never wrote anything else. Now I am trying to get with the times, learn to blog and hope to have followers. So I ask is there anybody out there that who really wants to talk about this unmentionable issue??

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Ann said...


As a woman, I know there is a need for a change because the status quo isn’t sanitary or effective – but it’s the way it’s always been done and no one wants to “rock the boat” and make a change.

Your products are what's needed, but it’s something that men don’t recognize unless they are the ones that actually change those nasty bags in the stalls.

There is so much misinformation about what those receptacles are supposed to do; many facilities will put one bag open in the receptacle and all the ladies that use that stall are supposed to use the same bag all day.

Other facilities put a stack of bags in the receptacle and ladies are supposed to take a bag out, wrap their napkin in it and toss it into the trash. This makes the most sense to me, but I have spoke with custodians that say that some women will stuff their napkin in the receptacle and contaminate all of the bags that are stored in there causing them to waste them to restock. This has the potential to be a huge expense to a business.

I feel that the general public has a lack of education on what the procedure should be for sanitary napkin disposal, and when you couple that with a resistance to change in the community (part of which is a fear of change in this economic climate) it is an uphill battle.

Now that being said, I think one way to educate women is to have some sort of signage that can be mounted with in the stall with the directions, features and benefits to the product.